DVD - BBW In Home Service

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Look what happens when something breaks down at the homes of our beautiful BBW babes. Olivia Leigh has a problem with the television and Richie the repair man over hears a conversation that requires the use of his number one tool. Kore Goddess goes to use her fucking machine and it's dead, she calls the repair guy who comes equipped with a bag full of tools that are perfect for fixing the machine and his customer. Plump Eliza Allure has a dripping tap that needs attention, call in the plumber who quickly fixes the leak, Eliza pays for this service by tightening the plumbers BBC and nuts. Once again service with a smile! Label: Melon Juggler. Obsazení: Olivia Leigh, Kore Goddess, Eliza Allure. Trvání: cca. 95 minut.
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Výrobce: Melon Juggler

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