DVD - Heavy Duty Fuckers 4

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The Heavy Duty Fuckers are back, bigger and badder than before. They are looking for more of that heavy duty fucking to satisfy every ounce of their sexy beings. Curvy and huge butted Sammy Liscious cannot wait for some BBC; next Selena gets fucked at her porn shoot screen test followed by Kore Goddess who teases the hell out of her stalker. Finally two big belly lesbians force their ample curves in and out of some very tight clothing. Our heavy duty babes have done it again! Label: Melon Juggler. Obsazení: Sammy Liscious, Selena Secrets, Eliza Allure, Kore Goddess, Quinn Raine. Trvání: cca. 95 minut.
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Výrobce: Melon Juggler

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