DVD - Bizarre Practice 9

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The Bizarre Practice of the perverted Dr Art has been struck off by the medical authorities. Unfortunately he has overstepped the mark of depravity in some of his Sexual therapies so he has to close his surgery for the last time. He sets about packing everything away and is joined by his ever faithful Nurse Kore Goddess who has been his sexual prey most of the time. As they pack up they look back at some of his filthiest moments and he makes one last request to his Nurse as he wants try his last therapy, the one he has always wanted to do! Please be warned this DVD contains scenes of a redhead nurse with huge tits getting thoroughly used for sexual gratification, it includes her getting her face, pussy and ass fucked without mercy. Please enjoy responsibly. Label: Melon Juggler. Obsazení: Kore Goddess, Doc Art. Trvání: cca. 100 minut.
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Výrobce: Melon Juggler

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