DVD - Plump And Greedy

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These beautiful BBW babes are greedy for cocks they just love them. Why have only one when a girl can have two at once. You need this DVD because it has four voluptuous ladies getting really greedy. Saskia Squirts loves a BBC and her boyfriend Marc loves to watch her while she gets it, Selena Secrets is just plain cock mad and needs two to satisfy her, then we have Sammy Liscious getting a surprise when her boyfriend invites a friend home from work to fuck her while he watches and jacks. Finally we have Shooting Star's hubby who invites his friend to come to their home to help him give her a full service like she has always dreamt of. These Ladies are just plain greedy!! Label: Melon Juggler. Obsazení: Saskia Squirts, Selena Secrets, Sammy Liscious, Shooting Star. Trvání: cca. 91 minut.
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Výrobce: Melon Juggler

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