7-dílná sada hraček pro páry

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The perfect starter set for curious couples! 7-piece toy set with 2 different sized mini vibrators that each have 7 vibration modes. The cock and ball ring, the glans vibrator and the finger vibrator each have a loop for the two mini vibrators to experience this arousing set in all its glory. The butt plug has an exhilarating texture and can be attached to any smooth surface with its suction cup for hands-free fun. The included love balls can be used for an erotic foreplay session or as a training device for the pelvic floor muscles. A strengthened pelvic floor lets HER firmly surround the penis during sexual intercourse and have stronger orgasms while also counteracting urinary incontinence. All toys included in this set have a pleasantly soft silicone surface that feels soft to the touch. Batteries are included (3 x LR44 and 1 x N). Dimensions: Love balls complete length 20.5 cm, diameter 3.7 cm, weight 80 g. Cock and ball ring complete length 9.5 cm, ball ring diameter 4 cm, cock ring diameter 3.5 cm. Butt plug complete length 11 cm, insertion depth 10 cm, diameter max. 2.5 cm. Glans vibrator complete length 10 cm, insertion depth 4 cm, diameter 4 cm. Mini vibrator 1 complete length 6.8 cm, diameter max. 2.1 cm. Mini vibrator 2 complete length 8.6 cm, diameter max. 2.1 cm. Finger vibrator complete length 7.5 cm. Material: silicone with a PU coating, ABS.
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