Anální kolík s otvorem a vibračním vajíčkem

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For true anal lovers! This hollow butt plug is open at both ends and is securely held in position by the anal sphincter. Then you can take a deep look inside the anus or pour in various liquids - the included vibro-bullet can be used as a stopper to close the plug so the liquids dont leak out. As a hot addition, you can enjoy the vibro-bullets 7 thrilling vibration modes. The wide base ensures that it is held in place during all kinds of anal games. Vibro-bullet with a wired remote control. Plug: complete length 10 cm, outer diameter 3-5 cm, inner diameter 2.5 cm. Vibro-bullet: 5.9 cm long, diameter 2.5 cm. Material: silicone, ABS. Please order batteries separately: 2 x AAA.
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